Healing Hearts  


Grief and Holidays

Holidays can be so difficult, especially after a loss. As this quote states: our grief is as individual as a snowflake. We are all unique, our journeys unique, as is our own grief.

Here are a few ideas to help with the holidays. Because we are all so uniquely different, what may work for one person, may not for the next.

❤Find ways to remember

❤Do something in honour: light a candle, hang a stocking, include an Easter basket, make a donation in honour.

❤Change, or add traditions if need be.

❤Give yourself permission to feel how you feel. It is okay to say no, if your heart feels too heavy.

❤Be sure to make time for self care.

❤Express your feelings: journaling or creative healing are examples

Snowflakes to Remember

Introducing handcrafted snowflakes. Beautifully thought of, and created by Healing Hearts and Anastasia's Crocheted Creations, they are made with love as a gift for bereaved families this Holiday Season.

Healing Hearts is gifting an exclusive, unique, handcrafted snowflake, made especially for families of loss this Holiday season. These are called Snowflakes to Remember, in honour of little lives lost.

Each one is boxed, with a beautiful quote inside, and a personal note. 

If you know a bereaved family that could benefit from Snowflakes to Remember, please contact Healing Hearts. It would be an honour to gift one in memory of a beloved baby 💜

Other ornaments are available to purchase as a fundraiser for Healing Hearts. For more information please use the contact form or message:

[email protected]

Helping others as Family and Friends

Image from Carly Marie, on ways to help grieving family and friends throughout the holdays.