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A little about me:

My name is Jenn, and I am the founder of Healing Hearts. I am a sister, a friend, and a Mother to three beautiful littles here on Earth. I am also a bereaved mother. A small town girl, with a love and passion for women, for bereavement, for caring for others. I am someone who wants to make a difference, even if it is a little bit at a time. 

 I am a trained and certified birth and bereavement doula, providing support within our community.

I have experienced the heartache of three losses. 

Healing Hearts was created after I experienced two losses, with very limited support.  I wanted to reach out to others,  in any way that I can to try to help others who have experienced the loss of their baby.   In a world where everyone grieves differently, sometimes grieving pregnancy loss is considered socially unacceptable.  I am trying to speak up on loss, while providing community support, connection, love and understanding. I am passionate about helping others, and believe that grief is a journey.    I offer support for any journey. For any one. No matter how recent, or long ago, Healing Hearts is here for you ❤

One focus of Healing Hearts is the Care Packages.  These were created in October of 2015, and have been given out to local hospitals, care centres, and personally to women, to families who have experienced loss. These little packages of love were created to show love, support, and provide resources and information, so that others know, how loved they are, and that they are not alone.

Healing Hearts is a continuous growing cause that provides bereavement support, building community, and connections, Care Packages, offering support through community events, such as the Wave of Light, hosted in Red Deer, Alberta,  A Celebration of Women Event,  Proclaiming October 15 as Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness Day, as well as heartfelt expression, with cards for a cause. 

Through my heart to you- support is here.

"Grief only exists where love lived first."

Franchesca Cox

Proud to Announce! 

As you all know, the month of October is known as a month to recognize and honour as pregnancy and infant loss. A month to raise more awareness, learn more, and share our hearts. It is a month to share awareness, while we speak about our beloved babies. We speak about them to keep their memory alive. We speak about them to connect with others. To support one another.

As a community, on October 15, we gathered together in Red Deer. We gathered to remember and honour our beloved babies lost in pregnancy, delivery or infancy for the Wave of Light. As this is an event that took place worldwide, in all time zones, this formed a continuous beautiful wave of light of remembrance going around the earth. Each candle lit, represented a baby missed, cherished and forever loved. This day, and every day we remember them.

October 15, has been proclaimed throughout the United States, as well as through places in Canada. This is a day where the community could better understand their pain, and learn how to reach out to those grieving. To recognize all pregnancy losses, and for everyone- including extended family members and friends.

At the event I shared the importance this date, as a day that our community could come together,to share awareness, and honour our children’s memory in a supportive, and understanding atmosphere. This day is a day to reflect on our loss, yet embrace the love.

Sweet friends. This has been a calling on my heart for the last few years, and my heart is so full that this last year it has become a reality. I am honoured to announce, along with the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre that October 15 is proclaimed as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day in the city of Red Deer! <3

I know to myself, Healing Hearts and the bereavement community, this means oh so much. Acknowledgement. Understanding. Community. Support. Hope. Love.

Join us this new year, while we acknowledge this proclamation at our second annual Wave of Light in Red Deer with Healing Hearts. We will gather together, reflect, honour and light up the world in remembrance of our beloved babies. Together, as a community, we will remember.


Healing Hearts is bereavement support for miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss. Healing Hearts was created in 2014, and provides:  resources, information, Care Packages, as well as certified bereavement doula support.

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Care Packages

Care Packages have been in the community since 2015, and continues to grow! These are available for any grieving or hurting Mothers, Fathers, or family members.  If you would like one, or would like to distribute them to patients or clients, please contact for more information.

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Bereavement Support

Jenn is a trained and certified bereavement doula, offering love and support through your loss. Support is available through phone, e-mail or in person.

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Support through Care Packages

These little packages of love can now include a beautiful tag included inside,  in honour , or in memory of, and are offered to anyone donating to this ministry.

Care packages can be donated in honour of your sweet baby, or in honour of a bereaved parent or family member. This is another way to show your support for friends and family who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

If you have donated in the past, or are interested in donating, and would like to include a name, please use the contact page. 

Thank you for all your love and support with Healing Hearts and the care packages provided within our communities.

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